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KTC 10mm Transmission Socket (AC301-10)
$28.00 Shipped 
(U.S. only! For international pricing, please contact us!)
Want to change your own transmission fluids? The KTC 10mm Transmission Socket was designed for Nissan FF type transmission plugs. Stop using the bare 3/8" end of your ratchet and damaging both the ratchet and the plug!

* Not for use with impact equipment

Part # AC301-10

Key Features:

  • Made in Japan and OE certified
  • Tool used by many Japanese service departments, technicians and enthusiasts alike
  • Designed specifically for Nissan FF transmissions
  • Eliminates the damage caused by using the bare 3/8" end of your ratchet
  • Lifetime Warranty

Fitment Guide:


  • Nissan FF Transmissions
  • Too large size, the KTC 10mm will NOT fit Honda Transmissions


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