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KTC Quick Turning Socket Adapter Set (BAE234)
$19.00 Shipped 
(U.S. only! For international pricing, please contact us!)
Made of aluminum to prevent corrosion, these handy socket adapters convert your 1/4" ratchet to a 3/8" and your 3/8" ratchet to a 1/2" drive. The notched "wings" allow you to turn the socket with your bare hand, while high-powered magnets cast into the adapters give extra grip onto attached sockets. Particularly useful when starting the threading process on a bolt, now you can do it one-handed with the ratched still attached!
Part # BAE234

Key Features:

  • Adapter Set converts 1/4" drive to 3/8" drive and 3/8" drive to 1/2" drive
  • Magnets cast into adapter hold sockets and extensions securely
  • Notched "wings" extend out from ratchet head allowing you to turn socket with fingertips
  • Manufactured out of cast aluminum for corrosion resistance and longevity


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