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KTC Fastener Removal Pliers (CCP-190)
$51.00 Shipped
 (U.S. only! For international pricing, please contact us!)
Use the same tools as the pros! Don't use needle-nose pliers to remove those plastic rivets holding your interior trim! The thin, curved plane on these pliers slips under the heads of plastic rivets and removes them without damaging either the fastener or the trim. No more breaking rivets or sending them flying into the nether regions of your garage to be lost forever! You don't want to have to buy new plastic fasteners, so don't lose them in the first place!
Part # CCP-190

Key Features:

  • Made in Japan and OE certified
  • Tool used by many Japanese service departments, technicians and enthusiasts alike
  • Sized perfectly for fasteners found on Japanese vehicle interiors



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