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Koken 1/2" Drive 10mm Allen Socket- 4012M-43
$28.00 Shipped- (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!)
(U.S. only! For international pricing, please contact us!)
Just what you've been looking for to handle your Subaru camshaft gears! The Koken 1/2" Drive 10mm Allen Socket are manufactured in Japan with heat treated, hardened steel. No more frustration and wasted time from breaking cheap sockets that just weren't meant for this duty.

* Not for use with impact equipment

Part # 4012M-43

Key Features:

  • Made in Japan and OE certified
  • Tool used by many Japanese service departments, technicians and enthusiasts alike
  • Prevent broken sockets from other 10mm allen head sockets that weren't meant for this use
  • This is the best 10mm allen socket that we could find!


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