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KTC Trim & Panel Kit (ATP2014 or SOJATP2014)
$36.00 Shipped! (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!)
(U.S. only! For international pricing, please contact us!)
Use the same tools as the pros! This plastic set of levers/pullers are designed to pry interior panels safely without damaging the interior panels and body. Rounded edges prevent scratching trim and paint. Can also be used to debadge exteriors held by adhesive. This is the actual set listed in Honda, Nissan and Toyota factory service manuals for use by their service technicians. Treat your car to the best and feel confident that you're investing in quality!
Part # ATP2014 or SOJATP2014

Key Features:

  • Made in Japan and OE certified
  • Tool used by many Japanese service departments, technicians and enthusiasts alike
  • Listed in Honda, Nissan and Toyota service manuals for use on their vehicles
  • Designed to prevent scratches on interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Eliminates the breaking and stretching of costly interior fasteners


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